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Tell the World

IsMyQuestion allows you to easily create a web page with a question and its answer. Tell the office if the coffee is fresh, or your friends if you've eaten lunch, or your students if you have office hours today.

Your Own URL

Every question page you make gets its own unique URL that you can give out to your knowledge-hungry friends. Your question URL will look something like this:


You can customize your question page with your own color scheme and layout. Style it however you like! You can even include Facebook, Twitter, and G+ share buttons with just a click of your mouse.

Manual Answers

IsMyQuestion allows you to manually edit the answer to your question. You can even save multiple answers and toggle between them when you like.

Day of the Week

Day of the week questions allow you to set a different answer for each day of the week, and have that answer shown automatically on the correct day.

Person Specific

Need to tell your class what their grades are? Change your answer depending on who is asking to keep grades anonymous.


You can create pages which display multiple questions and their answers. It's a quick way of getting all the answers you need.